4 Popular Interior Design Styles

When looking for ideas to refresh your home, it’s only natural to jump on the internet and see what it offers. There are many interior designers who will offer their ideas and portfolios with the care of reliable gardeners who had spent the last few years on the garden care of a single plant and don’t want it hurt, damaged, or otherwise modified in any possible way. And what those designers have to offer is always a variety of options, but they all share one thing – similar styles. Just like gardens, there are a few interior design styles and they circulate and offer more of what you’ve seen. Here are the most popular ones that you might choose from.
The keyword for this style is simplicity. You take the essentials and remove everything else. It is the style used in feng shui, and it is the style preferred to achieve zen. It makes for simple living and one that does not require a lot of trimming and hedging of options.
This one is meant to keep you in touch with nature. It practically means that you have to merge the flat or house with a garden and then provide the perfect amount of garden care and housework to make both work.
Urban Modern
Shiny is what you are looking for here. Straight lines, looking forward, metal, steel and iron surfaces that could be polished to gleam with the cleanliness of your flat. It’s both a street and a house look to enjoy.
Hollywood Glam
This style involves opulence. You want to think big words, like lasciviousness, luxury, variety, drama, and all the rest of the words mostly heard by popular movie directors. This is one style which the United States are responsible with and you want their melding bowl to be seen in your home.
Pick any of these styles and you will have a lot of options to move about. Like any reliable gardener, do the planting you want and let your flat or house grow like the garden you wanted, with all the decor as plants you wanted. And then take good care of it and enjoy the new surroundings. It’s not hard at all, it simply takes imagination.