8 Ways to Green Your Trash

Why spend your hard earned cash on weekly junk removal services when you can help easily protect and preserve our beloved environment?

On a daily base, an average person generates a staggering 4 1/2 pounds of waste that could easily be recycled! Waste isn’t going away anytime sooner.

The questions now remain. What can I do? How can we minimize the expensive junk removal services from our life?

Here’s an exciting list of 8 ways to green your trash at home and limit the waste on all levels. No more excuses, let’s get started today!

Green Tip #1- Recycle, Reuse, Reduce Paper Products

The less paper goods we consume the less forest we cut down. The fewer trees we cut down the more oxygen these trees will create, more oxygen in our environment- better for the eco systems of the planet, including the oceans, etc. Trees also play part as a filter in consuming carbon dioxide, which in turn, lower greenhouse gases.

Green Tip #2 Donate!

No better feeling then donating. It’s a wonderful gesture and surely it is appreciated by those that are in need. Standard items for donation include: computers, mobile phones, washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators.

Green Tip #3- Put a Plan in Place

Set up a straightforward plan and implement new eco-friendly habits in the home. Keeping lights turned off when not in use, set your thermostat, and use eco-friendly settings on your appliances.

Green Tips #4- Scrap Foods into the Compost Bin

The U.S. EPA reports that the average American discards 1 1/2 lbs of food scraps on a daily basis. When combined with yard waste it contributes to 25% of the nation’s solid rubbish. By setting up a compost bin, you can divert this waste into useful gardening soil and help decrease daily waste into beautiful garden blossoms and delights.

Green Tip #5- Reuse It Again and Again

Reusing or repurposing has the greatest mental and physical impact on your overall waste production. Find ways to reuse waste and prolong its usable lifespan. The most useful forms of repurposing or reusing household rubbish:

  • A reusable water bottle. Stop buying those large quantities of plastic water bottles! Install a water filter to your tap, and purchase a sustainable water bottle that you can use again and again. Wash, rinse and air dry without ever create plastic waste again.
  • Reuse a coffee mug. If you’re a coffee junkie then use a reusable mug. Coffeehouses are more than happy to fill your sustainable cup in order to conserve wastage.
  • Reuse plastic and glass containers. They can be use as kitchen products, hardware containers, and hobby storage.

Green Tip #6- Think Green

No matter how much one can think green, there still will be rubbish at the end of the day. Here are few more ideas to keep your green mojo in line with your plan.

  • Purchase smart. Always purchase recyclable garbage bags, and recycling materials for your DIY projects at home. It’s the easiest way to reduce the loop in the recycling process.
  • Alternative Cleaning! Did you know that distilled white vinegar, the kind you pick from the shelf at the supermarket, kills fewer than 100% of bacteria, and over 80% of molds and viruses. Stop buying extreme chemicals that are hard on the environment when you can easily use household items to clean surface areas, or empty bottle, etc.

Green Tip #7- Seize Buying!

Just as it sounds- stop buying. If you don’t purchase waste, you can’t create it. Before buying something, ask yourself - “Do I really need this? Do I already have something we could use instead? Can I borrow from friends or family?”

Green Tip #8- Get Crafty

A great family fun activity is creating crafty items with old newspaper, tin cans, plastics and glassware items. Be creative and build paper mache, Christmas ornaments, piñatas, beadwork, or garden trinkets. It’s a great way to use up waste and it is fun for the whole family!